You will find free romance novels, short stories, and erotica here for your reading pleasure.  It's online and convenient.  You can read it when you want, just make sure you bookmark the website so you can finish your story or find new updates and new stories later on.  Best of all, it's free.  Think of all the money you'll save by not buying new romance releases every week or so.  I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoy putting it together and writing all these stories.

              Please BOOKMARK or add this website to your favorites so that you can come back and finish a story if you're not done reading.  I know that I personally hate it when I forget the url of a website or can't find a website that I was at before.

              If you encounter a romance story that is partially done don't worry, just check back later.  Writing long romance stories take time and I'll have it up shortly.  I personally don't like those romance story websites where the author just writes a 3 page short story and keep writing these itty bitty short stories.  I prefer the longer stories with more character and more plot, etc. (That's my goal, but those full length stories are killing me, because it's hard to finish them with time constraints or because of my laziness.) 

              If you like short stories you can probably find a lot of those.  But I'm trying to write longer novellas here.  I've been getting into erotica or romantica lately, so you may find some steamy writing here.  Also, you may find love poems on here too.










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